December 31, 2006


Sound has many qualities

It can cleanse, the wind sifting through carillon chimes
It can heal, with an exquisite sonance
It can destroy, if the din is spurious
It can open doors, with a fulcrum tenor
It can aid in traveling, if the pitch is hypersonic
It can take you to God and the angelic realm, on a deific reverberation

Dancing the sky down

Horseback riders trespassing. A blue stake into the heart of the oak - no resistance. Opening doors. The other reality - go through the door. Light shining up the natural steps. A clearing, a mound. Creatures dancing round and round. Other doors opening, other creatures appearing. The celebration is in session. We are still in deep shadow my friend and I. Can we go down to the meadow?

The sky is bright but I can see the stars and moon. My friend doesn't want the eye in the sky to see him, so we sit and watch from the safety of the grove.

A man with bee eyes and antennas comes up to us and asks us to leave. If we don't go down to the meadow we must leave. I try to argue for my friend's sake, but the bee man is adamant. I get up to leave then turn back, angry. What are they doing? What is the purpose? Why is everyone down on the meadow?

They are waiting for the eye to open, is the answer. The eye in the sky is a reflection of the eye on the ground. When both eyes open and look at each other the sky will come down and we will BE.

What purpose is this?

My friend asks if we will hear the music. The bee man answers yes. My friend wants to stay. Well if we stay, I answer, then we will damn sure dance!

We go down and dance around the mound. I'm dancing with the strangest creatures - animal, humanoid, insectal, myriad half-creatures. And a wee feminine feline-like creature. Where have I seen her before? She dances with wild abandon, enticing me to join. Bella...... We are all entranced, our bodies moving of their own accord. Our consciousness lifted to the heavens. The ritual appears to be reaching a crescendo. Then the ground begins to shake. The eye within the mound is opening! As it opens a light shoots up and reflects off and around the one in the sky. The music.. I look at my friend - this is where you heard it! The sky, the blue, begins to lower and it comes down to ground level - the utter blackness of space, aurora borealis, ethereal winds. We all collapse to the ground.

Images dance across the heavens - black men whose head ornaments reach far into the sky. Another man with a head of feathers instead of human hair that reaches out two feet in all directions. Animals, more people, other-worldly creatures. The sounds they make, blending with the astral music. A primal story enfolds. We watch with rapt, uncomprehending attention. We LIVE the tale. It is in our cells, calling to us to remember. Uncounted time passes....we drink in the age-old apologue..... My friend is on the ground, memorizing, absorbing, being absorbed.

The sky rises again..


demons be only messengers
sent by their masters
sent by other spirits
sent by other sufferers
they linger because they feed
they feed on what you give
you give what you not know

you forget those primal fears

hieros phanen

to sit
in sanctuary
at the feet of
Jakin and Boas
one must first
master the parallels
of life....

justice and mercy
liberty and law
the father,
which ever cleaves
the darkness of chaos
the mother,
who gathers, cherishes,
and feeds seeming bitter food
to hungry hearts

to obey or not
that is THE question
the ONLY question
and it is yours
alone to answer

be one who has
an abiding respect
for their own beliefs
but do not
follow them blindly
to ruin

in the process
you may have to decide
to either give up
that which you fear to lose
so it no longer holds
any power over you,
or consider
what you will still have
if your fears come to pass
in the fields
of manifestation

if you decide to sit,
don the triple crown
and with Boas' hand
bless the world
to effect it

A Lesson in Choice

a cup full of sevens
strange and quirky largesse
lain out in recumbant splendor
be they bona fide?
or simple illusion
working double time?

oh, there are gems to be sure
polished and shining,
baubles all
and wreaths of victory,
but look for those vipers
entwining the garland
we know about those snakes
....dont we?
so then how does one choose?
between valid delusions?

plans made in the imagination
may only play out
in the mind's garden
for to open oneself up to choice
is to open wide the door
to dragons
Damocles hovers in
clouded dreams....beware
fortresses need
bedrock ya know....
and a moat filled with tears
for defense

and lets not forget
the choice of cunning
oh, such a tempting visage
sex and emotions
innocence and pleasure
yea right....
one-night dreams all

the lesson to be learned is this:

walk away from tempting
keep a tether on those
far flung castles
ask your inner god
for the appropriate sacrifice
and always keep your feet
on conscience's road

zama zama ozza rachama ozai