March 8, 2007

boffo cookout

one step....
that is all that is required
to meander the itinerary.
will it be
forward or back?
look askance at the horizon,
is the view adequate?

the retrospect,
a once longed for dispatch
down lanes of slick and thrill,
is now just a weedy dirt track
to a bubbling well of hollow

the grass clotted path ahead?
overgrown and heavy
with pliant proximated vistas
and covenants made in a fugue

to cleave to a mirage,
with such a ludicrous tone
of quagmirish vibrations,
is to strut in place,
bending a rut in your ellipse

and why bother the routed natives
with requests
for direction and affidavit?
when we will all one day vie
for that longed for
annihilation of circuit?