January 10, 2007


flirt, feint
pass this way
affront on a whim
the dance of what?
. . interest?
. . . . abhorrence?
oh please,
this is just a romp
to garner absorption

haunt me
delight me
....enrage me
objective skin
glistened and raw
enigmatic harm
on an empty void

feint this way
bow that
weave and gurgle
a jewel to be relished
must be tethered first

did it shine just for you?
passers-by glance
but nary show interest
or aptitude
nor distinguish
the crown's blush

but you must be
of the eye to
abashed elegence
for the lustrous
bevel to approach

are you worthy?
can you dance
the swing of
in and around
the cloud's opaqueness
see it?
....and now you don't

it calls you, hmm?
do you really want
to play this game?
to be sought
by angels in
dirvished facets
a feathered chorus
to be explored
at leisure's
frenetic pace?