March 19, 2007

rainbow chasm

you left
left me here, here by the water's edge
with no succor....abandoned

you left
a heart, withered and hard
hopes flown and blasted
from the rainbow arced sky

you left
a compass flinging wild
directions left off the itinerary
no crumbs left to swallow

you left
a lone and scarred shadow
with a reckless scrabbling for tenure
dirt flung at the bastard gods

you left
a discarded shell
picked clean of warmth and rapture
the bones ashy and arid
no joy pulsing through these veins

you left
....a chasm

le voyage vide

sitting by the turnpike
left stranded by the ruins
a steady stream of misuse ripples by

waiting for a transit
that seems to have stalled somewhen
where were you going?
have you already passed this way?

this lethargic oasis
is a lonely heart's desert crag
to see the echo of your progress
the rubbed ether raw with bled out zeal

to reach out and that your essence?
but alas no, just a ghostly mumble
a fledged aura left to mark your journey there