May 19, 2010

dunder and din

a soft quarrel
a hint too disturbed
reflects off clouds
flying low, dark and still

ears coming slowly awake
as the rumbles pound
chummy and...

where was that?
what? when? and am i on guard?

then the clouds march to forward
with my soul opened wide
intent on collection all
utter, sundry, charged and agog
cross sedge and oak
every creature huddled to ground
shaken foundations part...

and the recall's last drumming
stentorian and roar
reeling through panes departing
their sedate little scores

the charge it amasses
roving onward to foil
till another uprising collides
and the chain it's own reward

February 16, 2010

faceted meringue

it is my duty
to my boundaries
my sanity
and the players in this vagary
that we continue on with my farce

it is my right
to search for an illusion
a reason to quest and acquire
to skewer life's riddles
with why, whenfor and how

it is my choice
to live in this mirage
hobbled by remote possibilites
that may or might
infringe on the hollowness
of my bias

it is my necessity
to pull back the veil on this fantasy
to contemplate the aught
that passes for infinity

a dilemma pursued by others
as the proverbial carrot on a stick
while i toss back the foil with disgust

of what use are you!?
for what ends do you control my time here?
you are nothing!
do you hear....nothing

and to have the void answer back


beget illusion
attending life....
this sensuous intuition
considers all inquiries
and the initiation?
an eight square spiralation of decline
how does one go about
measuring the point
where shadows and infinity tort?
turn, turning awry and a'prayed
distrait values of misleading depth
with faulty boundage
the allotment four
amore and spark
panting....screed and ascent

nada mucho

i am asked from time to time
what does it mean? what are you saying?

and i reply....tell me what it evokes

where do the words take you?

is it a smooth journey
like the persistence of a tide
slithering smoothly
over faraway corners
of a gnarled root?

or is it a rat-a-tat-toutting
a knock naught knotting
at your absent mind's wile?

a crochet of words
that playful twist of sound
can make one person smile
and yet another hunger
for that which they can not enkindle

bubble up through casement
and thyme
a glimpse here
and perhaps, just maybe....maybe
the flash of dither
when recognition lurches cross
untenented fields of impassive frenzy

but what does it mean?
what did you mean, they demand....

and i reply
with a long drawn out sigh
why nothing at all silly

séo lov(i)en

on her way to infinitude
her pause....a peek through doors
of open possibility
an interest drawn
but not due to any desire of her own

she's on her way to eternity....sorry

i shall make the nest
loosen the tongue
smooth the brow furrowed in self-anima
they always unfurl when fertile soil
lain near enough for thought is nigh

she sighs....on her way to continuum

did i give you that someone?
that thorough adoration
oh, you so craved
like a rusty intuition?

did i make you realize
she could give you that more
a succor, a sacrament
a god's pact forlorn?

i hope she enjoys....
the myriad 'she'
who lusts and cajoles
a hearth, home....posterity
the bed and sea of fauna's breeze
through ever waining prompt refrain....

i make it ripe
this yearning flush
i make it smooth
this query planed merge
i make it facile
askance and reply

a newborn inamarata
hankered and unplanned
reborn of another's womb
one faded to amenity

no flash no fire
nor umpire required
a worn and extrinsic ghost
reminding one of....she

who left on her way
to imperishability


Current mood:yack-yack

with your carnival wirds
of lofty high-dealing flybyes
dredged upon while sauntering
through the haze of a mural's gloating
you think this shields you?
a'rises you above the trivial?
the mundane?

you put your delusions on one shoe at a time
just like the rest of us bipeds
you bleed, stutter
....claw and gasp
like the so many other measly man-made mirages
that make up this journey through trance

and just because you're an expert
at spouting inanity and logas
using every knot and kink of a wordig's mettle
straining it's nitty-grittage
through your sievic matter
until even a moist basic utterance
couldn't admit to invention
you think this gives you worth?

your youth is showing, progeny
your soul's thorough lack
of a backroad meander in evidence
black is not white
grey is but a dulled silver
and blue might cut you
a bias sorely faithed in vain....

but then again
the buds always ass-ume
that they were there first
when anyone of note can tell you
they are but an outspoken eruption
of an ideal woo(r)d revealed

a bright red mud

the bright echo of a summer's thrill
reflected in and of
a golden glut of harvest's wrecking
bloodred jewels
hang pendulous from limbs
denuded through shine
while a stark blowing wind
chases dried husks across scarred mud

there are two dimensions
to the rays from upon high
two halves to the hole
that blind with repetition
two worlds that co-exist
in that burnished rut we stand

the dark sight and lush light
flicker faster and brisk
the litany of white and shadow
love / death
lost to open
through these bright bursts abound
on this shelf left out alfresco

and please take note....
that blur of obliteration that canopies?
that is but a numbness of soul
a recapitulation of capacity
where neither sensation nor it's contrary
has elbow room to glow

this ragged breath

i know...not bound

i can...but loose

but won't...deem harsh

abjure...the edge

the gleams

that guides...a mirth

fulfilled master......

a forgiving pulse

hands smooth
over ellipses roughened
by fingers snapping
on discomfit
the crash and plex
of a cymballed mold
leaving gaps of sound
and emotion
and skipping over the
dankened floor of vagary

a glide
then thrust
this that
i will lead the way to allowance
do not be a'feared of the action
is no cause for censure

ding ding there we go
giving too many strings
to those who yank
puppets lurid cross the stage of idolatry
but why? why would i respond
in vain?

i am strong
even salvageable to some
i can say no....
oh yes i will
and feint and swoon
in unison with the wobble
of your orb in rebound held
to the dreams of a forgiving


you stand right beside me
and i can't find you
your shadow blanched
bones and sinew somewhen else

the gaze abides yet turns aside
the horizon of mental gymnastics
reaches for you even through my love
clasping you to it's wake
dragging you down and away from my moment

how can i compete with the eternal?
it's rush a winding harrow
through the rabbit's hole of aware
i try to follow
but your trail leaves no trace

there's no caress that i can squeeze
no whisper that i can hue
the vista shorn that i behold
you have disappeared from the notice
for those who care

the path to
front and center
is pocked with craters
leftover from a battle
with conscience

why didn't you ask for attendment?
we've always stood together
those of us on the same line
how else will we ever win
this war against devoid?

panthera’s flout

he saunters
cross grama of golden threads
august, feral and prime
his domain
never in question
his gait
a sublime promenade of hautelure
for all those who view the march of minions
know the king is nigh and merciless

the world a'hushed
not even the wind would dare
nor sound nor scent
to devour his path
the awed
halt and whimper with dread
as he does not bother to cede

and when his course descends
to the edge of umber and lead
the stripes fade to shade
sifted through the brack's stutter

with all that is seen
of those eyes of a casualty rent
look forth into a grave's dawning

chaos chained

shear streams cross vision moist
confusion reigns
as wind gusts
a chaos manifest

that sundry and all
in direct abut
should feel its spur
and yet when vistas sighted
pivots and chases the shadows
fore the sun

why the onliest?
why not a mass campaign
a rush to conversion?
why was that soul iota's
..position altered
adaptation askew..


a shift for some to renovation
but others will for ever grasp
at all reason to impasse
that dull-edged recoil
of a chained ripple

An unbearable innocence

one cannot devour or crowd an ideal

circles within shadows besides echoes carry dreams

I can not see you when your glow is bright as the moon

but this circuit has been forged and planed

can we not move from the vertice with ease?

the waves break over those shores of virtue

does the movement sooth or engorge?

or simply immobilize with naivety?

the adept's guise can lull one to action

so harness that impulse

don't be swayed by inertia

newborns creak and cracks of a façade worn in defense

will never harm the core of atrocity

echoes heard in the hush of the dark

all run akin in that burnished blaze

false virga

she squalls on haunted breath

bending winds and refuse

coursing crevice wide


all hunker fore her fiercesome rolic

over wyld hill and prone delta

she who makes all judge

their advance inversed coarse


with arid spaces spit and blistered

fronting an aqueous pilgrimage froze

by the roots of firma blown aghast

her majesty climbing torrents ever bowed


for none can not breach her bounds

hie and sigh

these four corners of fault

but flow and ebb receding

we lay down and March the trough

the heart’s lurch

we don't exist in your narrow lurch
your hunch to remove all caress
focused and lost
to the world abound
from a caring stranger's bless

slow for me

you look neither left
nor aside in alarm
you miss so much that way
a hand lifted up
fingers sift through void
and you never
were conscious
of sway

turn for me

what could direct you so
keep you from all concern?
why do you ride to despair?
do your feet trod some hollow
that is spurned and not followed
a thing that is ever so rare?

see my eyes alit

your demeanor is raw
your eyes cold and drawn
what do you see from those orbs
glittered grey?
that haunt your last tread
even now when we pause
can you share, hide, be ware....
end dismay?

reach for me

stop and let yearn
please...pause and endure
we seek to breach that mien
that haunts your least curve
and rubs your first sense
and buffers all those too keen

hold to me

your devoted course
an event for reflection i'm sure
can deal with a stranger's true brace
but know this well....
that not all of us here
were put down
to be-wilder
your phantom's race

my love will not drift


answers come to those searching nowhere
that jar

truth comes to those living a lie
through loss

belief comes to those with a qualm
a lapse

faith comes to those who are ignorant
to awaken

a muttered yawp

the void reverberates

with stars birthed

in righteous violence

there is no room

for quirk nor trait


that forlorness

inherent in anguish

is a course gift

left to the draught

for a solitude

unescorted through sentience

is a blaze best named scorn


rise, rise above the dim

its bloom awash with loathing

there is no flow left unrowed

when time, even her beck ashining



you careen
down galleries of glum wonder
your faire tripping to follow the lead

the glow that shines
from your open guise
forces these rutted bees into a habit worn
a morose rabbet of our own manufacture
our silhouette rife with divulgence

laugh for us sprite
let us peer askance at our lack
a lesser life we were granted
those of us lost of innocence yet....

can you tell us puck what you hear
when you whisper gleefully into the sparkled air
when you shout out in unabbreviated exultation
who answers the choir’s crow?

for i see your life lived
on the edge of unbalance
where no borders vast enough
can soften that onrush of the divine
wide and unguarded
a shallow crust shocked and awed

but beware nisse....ancestors may hark
and know not marvels to heed
ignorance is the majority
and sylphs are sketched...then erased
from pleasure’s diary


Who was it
that first placed your heart in that cleft?
that allowed you to hide your fractured effigy?
you deny your nature, yet how can they deny their haunt?
can ’She’....are you....bewhere?

volumes and power abound
a dimension expanded beyond comfort
spoken in whispers to those who can see
yes....they see through to the truth of motion
that truth that states:

’Action acknowledged by censure IS the lesser for the blame’

stand firm in your concession, indulge in a righteous surrender
give in to this abandon, now....hold....hold
for Phenix have been known to rise
from the cold-hearthed and silent flames of doubt

grasp at that which weakens you
for no one else will serve
you must feed the Yawning Maw of Paradox
feed it till it’s full to bursting with bite
don’t let it wither....don’t let it suffocate
....the brilliance of you

one can always replace a memory
with a newly gouged and worn trail
so let your feet guide your heart for once
and know that the Irony is not fit company
for the phantasy’s yearning

a faded churning

the roots, of even the most feeble of weeds
can topple a dam
one that barricades soft and hidden restrictions
these tangled strands can tear and dissemble
crumble and cast earthbound
with no thought nor plan to veil
the remnants to be strewn and tossed forsaken
like the fortune of a die flung

from afar
all edges appear keen
whole and inviolate
but upon that inner mirage
in that radiant shine of consequence
let us peer into the faded blue....
you won’t help but see
that even the meekest sound reverberates
and will....when loosed
bend the very mind to wrap and churn
all those of an afflicted harvest

spectator desport

there you go taking up space again
haunting egos that just don’t recall the jest

are you hunting new meet?
someone fresh to despoil?
a gullible enough to believe
that you are sol
and are looking for that new reflection?
what? you haven’t seen your all even now?

look to the new generation for romp and stomp
lost in their infancy rife with conspiracy
who said it?
why do we?
do you....believe?

and oh what sport to be had!
but look, look....can’t you see ?
that old maimed pattern
emerging once again
a holding end
to that so long a’gone
that you can’t begin anew what you know
and besides....eventually all will be heard
and has always, most warely, been so

a shallow doppelganger

open yourself to the plausability of a silent wandering
a probe for intimacy neer present
how can you let your surface crumble
while defenses lie in baiting
regardless of your demands?

and can you suffer that shallow dip
into an Ego and Fury gone amock?
look….look to that core
admit to the One that howls from the cradle
the "one" that never inherited
any stroke of genius the pater cozened
and with arms hung stiff and useless beside
all attempts to response at entry due….

this need for cruelty
this need that leads to a future diffidence
is it an all-out forsaken race
the one to end all bounds?

I think not, since your marginal reawakenings
slicked with an afterlife all their own
deny all categories, whether prescient or inanimate
while the one, Itself wailing and lost on the shore of convenience
flounders in a self-made retribution

you would think a virtus had emerged
whole and imperius, refreshed and reprehensible
but alas…..tis only….
a shallow doppelganger

the lamb lies down

one minute
all the innocence of a lamb
shines through your visage
gracing all and one with a peace and naiveté
hard swept and fought by any seeking a balm

the next
the lip curls
in an understanding rife with intimacy
and an ancient glance,
one that speaks of hard decisions
lived through many an eon
death and life
the cycle personified,
peers out through an expression
gone dense with wisdom

now who is the real inhabitant
the master of this vessel?
to whom do I address my salutations?
do I stage my inquest for the ages?
can one who appears so unblemished....wait all things, an end thus a beginning
this element
in that equation
is THE root
of all experience as we paticipate
our bodies realize what nature takes for granted

so in the end pay heed to the immaculate
For they are wiser in their rhythms
then we are in our reason


the prurient leach
varies it's shades
when snow falls on pretense
it's innocence
but words
and moans
of a drastic vista met
walk run
your onus your only dun and debt

or did you accept that concern?
believe in the virtue
that trusts that untainted lamb?

oh, you didn't know?
those chameleon qualities
that ability to hone it's hue
giving each touch it's own caress
each encounter
unique in the eye's of any beholder
a harvest rite and consign meant
for a profane reliance yet...
those in the stands
view the wreck of a lie
lain down in an earnest intermet


i thought

we were comrades in fancy
close enough to measure
feelings, thoughts, hopes
and nightmares

i thought

we partook
of fielded umbers
magenta bled
with wolves locked
and skinned
our statics lush and accruing

i thought

the flow was delugenal
hot and muggish
all those trails leading
to that covert oasis drenched
in massacre

i thought....

....but then you did not

so then how can i....

the vine denuded

i reached out my hand and you took it
you of the shifting took it
and that contact felt true and all too real....

all those times and again
with the edge of a sensation blurred
amid a camouflage rubbed
with a lubricious artfulness
and manifold shadows darkened
to a charcoaled and furtive thought

but alas, all is erased
for that fear
that incoherent, undue funk
of a corruption too immediate
seems to always disturb the meddle

i felt you at the end, when we first met
a long grasping sigh for the bona fide
the synapsis joined
entwined and mired
the shocks felt so to and a fro
in a frenzy
as lush and fearful as hope

but we ran....
for different reasons that time
one to a dream
the other
as far as reality would sanction
the time not current
not ready
no vow

then came sanity in all it's precision
a march to this drum, a trim to the rift
let me check your cadence
or you can't be let through
and you really must release the past
for if you can not remember....then it never hurt
but one can only parade for so long a distance
and then time itself begins to slip the rigs

and lo....words
as lush and intricate
as the flow of life in our veins
appeared out of a spewing mist of chatter
arising through the chaffe
to buoy up my muse
that had been entangled in frivolity
for aeons
that lexicon, that utterance amiss
those dark and crooked knurls
they touched a knit
so deep within my pith
that will never know it's fit novo

and plaited all throughout the opera
a distaffish vibe could be felt
was that you, or you
and why did you foster this reverence?
i sometimes faltered
with the eddys round the torque
for you were the counterpoint
and at all times appended
to your narcissistic joint

so now
where does this road scent?
i follow as i am led
for i am, if nothing else
your loving and worthy
infernal associate

subterranean symphony

Current mood:genesis
beneath a surface lush

with pathos and ideal

too bent, all compromise

lent, to a fever fore

the garde, a halt, a hope

for a future

drawn, through our fire

and rout

beget and stashed

neath a surface


some 2

Current mood:~~inhale
and for some
there is a mighty backwash

like a tide that has gone out
and beached on a longshore bar
out in the ocean of infant pragmatism
to bring back bits of scurf
sloughed memories
that can root and cling
till the one that's left standing
on the crest of that berm
has had their trough reworked....
the storm's beach reaching far and within
causing erosion beyond their facade

and yet they stand
disjointed, disillusioned
as only tsunami survivors can seem
to stir anew...and to see for themselves
the dunes
littered with the durge
of those feelings intrinsic
to the crush and scree
of sentiment....not their own

some 1

some of us amongst them
have an overabounding love in our hearts
the strength of which
overtrickles and flows
into every ambience of the glow
every word, every action....that touch of tone

but the owner may sometimes sense
a contamination of reply
when the estuarian surge
reaches out to an over-responsive shore
but do remember....
periodic flooding is/was essential
for the well-being of fervors
left unchecked on those banks of apathy

and there are myriad avenues open
to a flut run unrestrained
for the parts of all must be independent
both rigid and pliable
to be audible to the some

fainting memories

why do memories
those reminiscent images
of fleeting joy and disappointment
pain and sublimity
why do they dissolve and resolve at will?
of their merry own no less!
round and abound our vision
then friskly out our lives a'taint
as just so many sudden winks that jar

is it that they faint?
collapse for lack of an audience
swoon and strewn aground
bounced from one receptor
to another
only lacking a mortal to inherit
and bask by fires bygone?

or could it just be a feint?
our mind's caprice
that answer to...
a long awaited clue...
....or not
don't you see?

mind to self ~ ~

~ oh, did i forget to tell?
i've replaced that episode with a rumored juncture
silly me
you know you must be more specific
if you expect me to pinpoint and retrieve
one iota in this morass of hocus pocus
this knacky sleight of hand and foot
forever infused and curdled

cuckoo you ~ ~

a desert’s gloaming

the desert winds

blown through gauzed pains

of a mind gone treading aside

a departure from this vista's gloam

the leftovers

but a shadowed shell of selves

leant and propped

afluttered and flouncing

in a bluster gaining potency

now that obstacles have receded

and fallen to the dust

on the trails of a life

lived outside this ardent valley


dis & dat

i never said i hate you
no, it neer did sough my mind

but i was blind-sided ~ ~
~ ~ forced to shift
release my paradigm ~ ~

this fracternal architect
that lends itself endeared
to all abodes
both snug and met
a crutch~ed bridge austere

oh i never said i loathed you
though the thought did cross my heart
if apathy had run aground
it's opposite must part

i neer did say despise
though some other words did hap



eyes a’shining

her eyes, see possibility
an effigy of imminence
soft and blurred
edges keen to the brink
of a reality's threshold whet

her eyes, see a man
both proud and lorn
standing right inside her
gazing aloud within her sight
to the sepiad landscape shone

her eyes, see a world aflame
of ideals and expression
sought after piece by meal
with an honesty
that shadows a visage remote
receding into a future precedence

her eyes....see a hesitancy
but she looks away in acceptance
trusting the affirmation's motif
the tension pardoned...immobile

for her eyes, see a far surround us
to what we can not perceive
to what we disregard
to what we do not believe
a caring guaranteed....professed

~{ jello }~

a watery luster, adrift through limbs
languid with an echo of a glory bound
beribboned, mottled thorough and thrilled
with the hues of a nova gone haggardly to ground
these memoirs rich and combed anew
besotted with permeations tinged
a pause for the sake of future tremors
savored with a flesh unhinged

does the effigy give the selfsame favor?
does it moan and ebb like a storm swept beach
betwitched and bereft of any anchored dunes?
can the cheval sate, swell and seep
into crannies knotted with possessions hewn?
all immature fantasies overtaken, inhabited
with the revival of a flush~ed croon?

I say the conjured tingle aroused
a'flutter and scored, trembling....avowed
will vibrate with a purposeful profusion
for those once forgotten and regarded treasures
recalled for lack of a partner's sigh....
even these bounties can force the devotee to flower
with all retention of that aborning rush
surplanted with new growth devoured


on the crest of vibration
with the breath
up and out
then deep within
following the surge

oh to be sure
you can race ahead
with no thought of hush
but slow, slowly fade....
behind and hesitate
it's path
will quaver and swell
touching piece by peace
and when least expect
all and sundry
will be left reeling
in their own lone orbs
no concept
of what could be near and elapse

but the drifting notes still seep
bubbling softly down
into cores gone numb
with the days gone long
asking only for a response
one that gives pause
a tilt of head
askew, and yes
a view spec~tacle

for one can be filled
to rushing channels yawned
notes to permeate
those cold, dark abysm
silken light settling
to glow from within
that revolved
and renewed panorama

ashes to soot

i looked across the room
and saw mortality looking deep within
the spark of that taper lit, smoke and suet
disguising the lightness of being
that once rushed out to meet life heart first
now, only a flickering behind the screen of shadows
tossing and kneeling in fear
their last grasp a shallow bundle of season
twisted and shorn beyond any semblence of regard

i looked across the room
and opened my heart to you
my blood flowing free and smooth
compassion merging with those puddles
leaked of an inertia spent at war with this enemy within
no quarter gained nor forfeit
the truce but a frayed banner stained with time

i can't cross this great divide with you
the one that separates the willing from the tired
a whisper from a shout, this tear from an ocean
but i light my candles in celebration to you
your breath fully grounded in love
progeny springing forth from the dust of your passage
a conduit to future memories prevailing in perpetuum....

rest easy my friend ~ and go with peace


and more greh

shades of ash
pools of drab
as well as souls deep as....

skies of lead, plumed at dusk
iron grass and eye of stone
illuminatied mites and whit
sitting atop scattered and watery strata
as those that might be seen
through a drenched loupe left clinging

trees hunkering down in miserly ruts
automatonic bestowals within saturated hues
hydro-plained to the next expanse of neutral

slate path and silvery abode
the wet and mold
dissolving all that stands ajar
a backwash reflows
carrying within it all to more of the sam(n)e

soggy souls crawling and dawdled
laundered and a'rinse
their burdens the only evidence of routine

and smeared bulwarks run down with purpose
straight through to the fans left stranded
within tiers affliction and stabs of ire
up up through the mired puddles
like that pearly sword decrepit

visions slightly inked in mist
is it dream or somnambulance?
vistas muddied and inert
is this well-planned guise conjured?
or could it be
just an attitude of careless allusion?
oh fie! blah! ho! glum!

the rouge on an echo

this time and place
vague and undeveloped
a numbness, creeping under the toes
and up through the sight
of that spell when you paused....
and the juncture went on without you

can someone help please?
anchor me to the channel
that leads to alliance
now lined with tactiles run fuzzed and blunt

IS there anyone here, over there
in this singular when of upheaval?
am i all alone in this fume
rubbed lucid but for distraction?

and yet....i perceive thus
you and I
oh, and
all tinged with harrow
no clearance for touch
stuttering and grasping at relics
of thoughts flown incognito

i sometimes wonder
if this time in a season
when a sol maddens the horizon
and our memoirs are rife with perdition
if those same said responses
of a life lived too agile
are but visions shared with an eve
fore it hung over head


haunt and twisting
these memories weep...bleeding
into a sentiment beyond visions
rewound and hung out to fly

that won't release me
ever...the thought
sweeps over and denies
all evidence of the here and why

it mires me, down
...into it's shock
and miserly atonement
won't unleash for this path
to disgorge a truth
almost hidden by fugue

what triggers this lapse?
this light shining unsought
in a maddened bid
to focus the eye
on an inner loss and frenzy?

why echo this cry
when all thought is stranded and astray
the dare of fates since belated?
and why taunt anew
each passing revived
when forgiveness is courted...
yet shaky?

but for my troubles
drags hold and dives...grieving
ever...and always
to the 'heart' of my sorrow

a belwened teer

the wind heed
it's silent gasps flowing choppily
through the barriers of our minds
those erected in moods of a torn wish
then released into the stream
of any god's weathering

it bends, mourns, contorts
away...towards a magnetic regret
of hope and thirst
away, always away
but never unredeemed

insensible whispers
only traveling the distance
taken by a grain of sand
in it's descent
from eyes red and keening
towards a fervor
of a joyful and fathomless allusion
away, always faraway and again
from the echo of any acceptance

a mirage full-shadowed and oblique
with straw figures sloped in shades of dusk
this golem's cousin reaching for
but never admitted
with a transparent and abject yearning
beaten down amongst humbled tears of lipid fawn flow
the tempest due but nary a tremor unleashed
always hushed by our latent nuance

reach for me with a whimper
grasp my tenuous construct of a longing
and give to me these symbols, your notes of...
i crave...cherish...clasp
though i yet can not inherit
nor share this journey
through the desert
of your lament