March 15, 2007

an absence of view

the blistering absence
of life
or anything resembling
a wholesale buffet of joy,
the sounds permeating
this void of
confounded energies
rip back and yonder
cross shallow streams
of numbness,
the horizon blurred,
wavy and dusted
with vapored
and shimmering mirages
of machinations
rife with the echoed thunder
built upon scrapped
and abandoned
arterial cobblestones

the paths lead
up and beneath
the towering
snow capped blunders
of wars fought
and lives lost
upon the arced rainbows
of opinionated

did you ever wonder
why those valiant shells
ran to their fates?

whole heartedly embraced
their warped and dented

succumbed and relished
the cataclysmic
defaulted entry
into the wasted vista?

why for the sheer,
luminous glee of it....
why else would you skate across ice?

eolian daydreams

daggered spires
tallied up,
lunging for blue,
vying to grasp
wonder and desolation,
the alleys between rife with hunters
hooded and choked,
weaving their way
through striated flues
to golden ledges flattered
with easy access to pools
awash in blustering vortexes
of energy and the elemental void
that are compelled
to wander echoing avenues
crowded with sun-glinted peaks
of sand-blasted hope
oh sorry....
no one told you?
none here for the wary

don't bother looking
for rouged promise,
it is like the wizened vegetation,
stunted and brown,
invisible to the thirsting eye,
its manna
ice cold from the sun's blast,
sandy, vacant,
aloof with shadows
strident and shocking
in their greys

run through these
crowded channels
coursing with the anonymous,
run as fast as you can,
for if you get caught unawares,
the cessation of buoyancy is certain

utopia does not reside here,
it never has...
whoever told you this
was a flimflam savant,
one of those quixotic travelers
on the delusional road to