March 28, 2007

le chemin étripé

show a little kindness to that dog of war
give it shelter, warm and feed
wrap it's scars in your loving prayers
for your reward will far exceed

for what this 'beast' has seen and felt
what it has imagined that has sadly become real
what it can transcend through effort of will
we have already been blessed to be spared,
oh yes....he's dealt

we need this guide to show the way
the way through the scuzz,
disease and fire
the way through the mind,
the bowels, the arts
the way to our childhood's
joys and mire
and let's not forget acceptance......our hearts

so follow it blindly, it knows the way
knows it well old friend is he
it can lead us out, away and beyond
behind the troops and far,

don't look or veer, don't stray from him,
do not lose sight, don't fail the key
for it is immune, it has seen it all
once and again
twice over times three

....for the chien de Guerre

d ceptus inevitabilis

how am I arrived here?
in these oppressed shadows
hunkered and hindering
a progression slowing to a mundane pace
every glimmer to be accounted for
lest this life steel me

I am the vexed seraph
who lurches and flails
these espied and mimicked embraces
burn and scab over my exposed cheek

to be on point
continually straining the remembrance
of my love's leash
to scout and arraign every moment's joy
that is not my own

where is your touch?
that stroke that coasted
long tangled limbs dewed with exertion
I can feel it's reply still
the whisper of flesh sailing flesh
your eyes
unwavering in their message

I love you
loved you

too much,
the routines marked and parroted
their time in the corona slipping through the ring
a fully blossomed cataclysm abounding with crust
......I can't keep this static

help me
don't hinder our destiny
it's cold recourse only an accidental decree
but prey, please don't fret
the casualties need only be caged aquivering
to allow my pulsing moira's romp