February 13, 2007

la pirouette de la raison

cross fields of woe and excess,
the marauders aggressive
and oblivious to the inane,
they could care less
if you give them leave
or pass on by in your quest
for the ridiculous....
who are you to a being
intent on the absurd?

the lush lanes
ripe with skulls and shins piled low,
jump them if you are so inclined,
and who wouldn't be?
to bound the refuse left behind by fools....
their by the by, dusty, remote
and out of tune
did this person stray or stay the distance,
unconcerned about sanity's leveling?

packs of unitiates run rampant,
hither and withered souls,
no agenda or discipline,
the all-encompassing zap of the thrill
their only bliss

over yonder hill....
did you know there was a castle?
a place for respite or gluttony,
whichever you prefer
where the guardians are hatted,
holding wands of alabastered reason

all you need do is ask for directions
to the circus held daily
in the perpendicular courtyard,
the vampish bats hanging from torn reason,
those jerked straps of ground up
gyrating novices