March 8, 2010


sun seated low
a fading light dulling to dinge
when suddenly
sparks and dynamic hues erupt
cross our vistas gazing
that make one think
...but for a moment mind you...
there is more to life becoming

and then in drifts a weary frost
settling down tween gnarled joints
propped askew for balance
all that heat and life
once baked into each and every ebb and furrow
released when vision mattes

I can't see too clearly now
does this not seem familiar?
haven't we danced this path before?
i seem to recall...
no, no maybe not

what about that firefly arcing
and that brilliant snap of red nestled deep
into a carved hollow of evening dew

I guess you are right
tis only a reflection
of an old man's northerly departure
from this landscape inhabited by repercussions
stamped with regret and a yearning
for just one more cycle
of immortality