November 14, 2013

deity's dance

do you see him?
do you see god?
do you see him, her, it

they are in the raindrops
suspended between the sky and our souls

they are in the sand
marching wide across open vistas churning

in the rubbed particles that spark with joy
blooming under the caress of deity playful

they are in the majesty of the sun
transforming and transformed
into a brewed curtain of light
and dark sucked straight out of cosmos itself

they twine in and upon themselves
in and through the cloud's helices reborn

balanced in a dance as destructive
as a sunrise chasing away the night

as a rain dislodging and disbursing
pioneering creatures thriving for change

as a tree free falling through nests
dislodging occupants
who've just emerged through the either
or about to take flight to their choice

suspended between reality and our dreams
a portent of beauty so rare
so beautiful
not to be born by the feint of life

cha oz
06 30 13

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