November 14, 2013


why do I always do it

why am I the one everyone runs to
while in the thick of combat
and why…why do I always fall for it?

don’t call me and rant about the injustice
go on and on and make me a convert
wallow in ‘woe is me-isms’ and get me to agree
make me feel pity so I start raging in your name

don’t wind me up and point me
towards the battles you’ve chosen
let me go out there on that limb of righteousness
let me speak your piece (and lose my peace)
in a tone you could never unleash on those you care for

don't make me the heavy, the baddy, the mom
then half a day later
spin 180 degrees in a half fishtail
gears grinding while the gas is engaged
and agree with the visiting army’s ambassadors

just don’t…

cha oz
06 24 13

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