November 14, 2013

weren't you

weren’t you the one who…
     promised till the end of time
     to always be there when trouble arose
     reward every scene of bravado
     bolster all ideas and a trembling faith?

weren’t you supposed to…
     run through the fires of youth with me
     remain a part of us when there was a them
     see things through the same kaleidoscope lense
     help circle the wagons when the enemy was nigh
     stand close behind me when I ventured on without a light
     be my Confessor, my Co-Conspirator, my Cavalry?

Yet you’ve been…to my utter surprise…
     my frequent detractor
     one who believes I can’t decipher, ponder
          or take a walk through the labyrinth
     whose narrow opinion of mine and me
          is stuck with the swings in the playground

how can one thrive in a vacuum
made up of figments forever lost
in an apparition of sacrifice
that never made it to your soul?

I cede to you
Be done with me…be gone

cha oz
06 26 13

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